translated from Spanish: COVID-19 vaccination begins today in Morelia and Zitácuaro for adults over 60

Morelia, Michoacán.. – In the process of continuing to protect adults over the age of 60 of the entity against COVID-19, today Saturday, March 20 begins the first stage of immunization in Zitácuaro and Morelia.
With these two municipalities already add up to 30 localities that have been and are benefiting from the COVID-19 vaccine, where so far 142 thousand 877 doses of this biological have been applied.
This vaccination campaign has been deployed by medical nurses and paramedics from the Michoacán Ministry of Health (SSM), successfully concluding the first stage of immunization in 25 of the 30 municipalities that have benefited.
The locations that keep their vaccination active are Hidalgo, Nuevo Urecho, Morelia, Zitácuaro and Maravatío.

The population over the age of 60 who have not yet been vaccinated is encouraged to register in to receive their first dose, in accordance with the schedule scheduled by the Federation.
Also, those who have already been vaccinated, it is important to continue to take care of the use of the water cover, frequent hand washing and social estating, since immunization is achieved after the application of the second dose, so the risk of contagion follows.
The SSM keeps available to the public the number 800-123-2890 with 11 lines to solve all your medical doubts, as well as the microsite, where you will find all the information of the condition.

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