translated from Spanish: Girardi accuses the government of not avoiding delaying April elections: “It’s like they’re trying to get to a critical point”

Senator Guido Girardi, a member of the Senate Health Committee, called on the government to exercise the necessary health measures to avoid suspending elections on April 11. “We do not see serious action in the Government, to avoid making the decision to suspend the elections, it is as if they want to reach a critical point, with beds occupied to choose to postpone.”
The senator stated that “we are in a critical situation, we share what is raised by the Medical College, if the increase in positive cases continues and the chain of contagions is not cut, chances are that two weeks earlier we will have to evaluate whether it is postponed. Something that no one wants and can be avoided, but with a high occupancy of ICU beds and critics – who have oxygen and save lives – it will have to be evaluated.”
According to Girardi”no measure to cut the chain – traceability and isolation – is running accordingly. Nor is there the necessary social assistance, without discrimination and small print, for people to be able to comply with isolations. The Government has been insensitive and late, a direct contribution to its Ruth accounts is required without bureaucratic intermediaries.”
He added that “yesterday there were 36,433 new active cases, the standard states that 100% of them must be isolated in sanitary facilities, but there are only 6,000. The other 30, 000 are in their homes. That is negligence and inability of the Ministry to enforce the most important stage of the process: isolating the infected and suspects.”
The senator supported medical school president Izkia Siches, noted that she “shows the extreme heart and frustration we all have. This is the worst government in Chile’s recent history, particularly in the management of the pandemic. I have the best opinion of Minister Paris, but I have witnessed that decisions are not made by him, but are resolved by SEGPRES with the economic sectors that are in charge and resolved in the light of protecting the interests of companies.”
When the law of Isapres is to be discussed, it is not Minister Paris who resolves, nor who presents the project to privatize FONASA, nor who decreases scholarships for specialists… SEGPRES with the Second Floor are the ones who develop strategies to maintain and deepen abuses.

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