translated from Spanish: Paul McCartney presents his second children’s book: “Grandude’s Green Submarine”

The former Beattle this time ventures into the world of literature, and it is clear that age is not an impediment to Paul McCartney. At 78 and with a musical career admired by the whole world, he could well retire to enjoy fortune. However, Paul is very clear that he still has a lot to do and does not plan to slow down, but quite the opposite. Paul McCartney was inspired by his extensive experience as a grandfather to write ‘Hey Grandude!’ which tells the adventures of Grandude, a magical character who lives a thousand and an adventure with his grandchildren and now releases his second version.” I’m really happy with how ‘Hey Grandude!’ was received because it was a very personal story for me,” said the 78-year-old former Beatle in a statement.” I love that it has become a book that is read to grandchildren when it comes to going to sleep all over the world. I’ve always said that if people liked the first book and there was appetite for more, I would write new adventures,” the musician added. The story is described by the publisher as an “action-packed” story, the product of “a wild imagination” and “fun for the whole family.” McCartney’s first child installment was “a global sensation,” Francesca Dow, managing director of Random Penguin House Children in the UK, said.

Original source in Spanish

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