translated from Spanish: “PH: We Can Talk” back with Andy Kusnetzoff driving on Telefé

The classic Telefé cycle returns to the small screen from this Saturday at 22 hours. With the conduct of Andy Kusnetzoff and following the corresponding protocols by the coronavirus pandemic, five famous guests will be present in the study. The guests who will begin the fifth season of the successful talk show are: Leo Sbaraglia, Pampita Ardohain, Alberto Cormillot, Vicky Xipolitakis and Rodolfo Barili.

“I think it’s amazing that we’re going for the fifth. The first one was started by four programs and it went on. Now, then, I can’t tell you more than I expect 4, 8 or 12 shows as I told you in the first few seasons. We’ve passed that,” Kusnetzoff told city magazine.
Regarding the limitations “PH: We Can Talk” had to face because of the coronavirus, Andy stated in the same medium as: “2020 would tell you it was my most difficult television year. Doing a guest program in the middle of a pandemic was very complicated, I had to leave it myself for two months, I came back. I think PH is resilient. That’s why I feel like it’s good to go on, too. The program deserves a better, less traumatic year.”

On protocols to avoid any kind of contagion among those who make the program, the driver said care will continue as usual, with a larger studio and five guests per night instead of six, as it used to be in previous seasons. In addition, Kusnetzoff anticipated that there will be changes in scenery that will allow interviewees to interact with each other, new questions that will challenge celebrities and an anonymous guest who will make them test their creativity.
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