translated from Spanish: Servel publishes payroll of table vowels for April election: check here if he was selected

This Saturday, March 20, the payroll of voting station members appointed by the electoral boards was published, in addition to the members of the Scrutinizing College, Voting Locations, Delegates and venues where the Scrutinizing Colleges will operate.
The Electoral Service (Servel) communicated by certified letter with each of the members and delegates, on their appointment, indicating the dates, times and place of establishment and operation of the table.
Every voter can find out if he was appointed a voting station, his voting station and voting station by checking his/her election
It should be noted that the process of excuse and not being part of the table vowels will begin next Monday, March 22 and extend until Wednesday, March 24. Any argument must be submitted to the Electoral Boards by face-to-face or e-mail.
The excuses for not being a vowel are: being absent from the country or more than 300 kilometers from the voting station, being over 60 years old or being a caregiver for older adults, pregnant women, physically or mentally unable persons, those who perform work in health facilities and having to perform other functions entrusted to the law these days.
The payroll of replacement table vowels will be published next Saturday, March 27, and they will not have the option to exempt themselves.

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