translated from Spanish: With 4Q new and better ways to govern were born: Raul Morón

Senguio, Mich. – Continuing his tour of unity and mobilization in the East of Michoacán, the state coordinator in Defense of the Fourth Transformation, Raúl Morón Orozco, called to continue defending the principles and guidelines of the project headed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, “in order to demonstrate that with 4T a new way of governing was born, in which the development of development , the most heartfelt interests and needs of citizens, are our priority.”
In an approach with defenders of the Fourth Transformation in the municipalities of Epitacio Huerta, Contepec, Senguio and Maravatío, Raúl Morón addressed those who accompanied his visit to convene them to continue working for unity around the project, under the intention of transforming the public life of Michoacán, but above all to ensure the continuity of the route of social and economic development that has been promoted from the federal government.
“Today the path of unity and mobilization that we undertake in all corners of the state is paying off, but it is not enough, we cannot trust ourselves, we must continue to work, united and united, so that all Michoacans are aware that those of us who represent the Fourth Transformation govern differently, that is, in adherence to their interests,” he stressed.
Raúl Morón highlighted the need for those who communique with the Fourth Transformation to “firmly defend the work already done by our president, Our colleague Andrés Manuel López Obrador, because there are still political actors who are reluctant to change their privileges for the well-being, development and social protection that citizens demand”.
Under these arguments, Raúl Morón completed his tour in the municipality of Maravatío, where, accompanied by the local deputy, Antonio de Jesús Madriz Estrada, reiterated his intention to strengthen the unity of the project that represents him, through the formation of Municipal Committees in Defense of the Fourth Transformation.

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