translated from Spanish: Covid-19 is more deadly and more severe than influenza

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, various public life figures indicated that the disease was no more dangerous than a common flu, such as the former director of Israel’s Ministry of Health Yoram Lass who said the new disease “was a flu with excellent public relations.” The former Israeli minister repeatedly expressed objections to government regulations to stop the infection from advancing. 
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Read more: Will there be a third wave of Covid-19 contagions in Mexico? Now, according to several researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, they have found Lass’ statements quite wrong. His research has found that this virus is up to six times more lethal than the influenza virus. A thousand 52 influenza patients and 582 patients with Covid-19 were analysed and compared for this conclusion. 

People most in need of hospital medical care were found to be those who were infected with Covid-19. Of those with Covid-19, 582 required hospital care and those who were flu-sick to just 210 needed medical assistance. Approximately 30% of those with COVID-19 needed mechanical ventilation, while only 8% among those with influenza needed such treatment. Read more: After spending 67 years married, partner dies on the same day by Covid-19In terms of death, it was found that patients with Covid-19 had up to 20 percent mortality, well above the 3 percent in influenza patients. It was also found that people who fell ill with Covid-19 were younger than those who were sick with influenza. 

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