translated from Spanish: Diego Maradona Jr. will receive Argentine citizenship on Thursday

Today the Consulate General of Argentina in Rome confirmed that he will hand over citizenship to Diego Armando Maradona Jr., the Italian son of the historic footballer, on Thursday, March 25.» I was always clear about being 50% Neapolitan and 50% Argentinian. For me it’s a huge pride and emotion. I know that, from heaven, my dad is also going to be very proud, (since) his love for Argentina did not enter his body,» Diego Jr. said in front of the press, which was born in September 1986 but was recognized by his father only in 2016.
From this form, from the consulate they announced that all the documentation is in order to enforce the provisions of Law 346 known as the Argentine Citizenship Law, which, in its second article, states that are Argentines those «children of native Argentines who having been born in foreign country opt for citizenship of origin». Ana Tito, the consul general, spoke of this news: «Once again Diego brings us joy. Listening to his son’s longing to be Argentinian and his inquiries about how to obtain nationality also for his little children increase our own pride in being Argentinian, just as his father did with the ball between his feet or when, following his convictions, he rebelled against what he considered unfair.»
In Naples it is held as a mantra that Diego was a Neapolitan born in Argentina, and soon we, the Argentines, will be able to conclude that statement by saying ‘all the Maradona born in Naples are also Argentinians’.

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