translated from Spanish: Morena challenges INE criteria against over-representation

Morena, the party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, challenged before the Electoral Tribunal of the Judiciary of the Federation (TEPJF) the criteria endorsed by the National Electoral Institute (INE) to avoid overrepresentation in the Chamber of Deputies.
The majority party accused the INE of putting together a «triquiñuela» that seeks to «illegally hinder Morena and prevent her from retaining a majority in Congress during the next legislature, the thus benefiting the PRIAN alliance.»
Morena argued that the INE committed «various irregularities» in approving the criteria for determining the application of the formula by which the meputies will be allocated by the principle of proportional representation.
«The legal framework and precedents of the Tribunal have not changed since 2015, and that both in that year and in 2018 the directors of the National Electoral Institute (INE) endorsed and defended the mechanism by which the federal multi-member deputies have been assigned in recent years,» the party said in a position.
Morena’s leader, Mario Delgado, called the change «a dark and shameful manoeuvre.»
Morena stated that with this three-month change in the election, a last-minute change «that has partisan biases» is sought.
«If you want to face Morena, do it head-on, join the political party of your choice and compete democratically, at the ballot box and not from the institution responsible for overseeing the electoral process,» Morena said.
The INE assured that what is sought to prevent is that, within coalitions, some members will win with party membership.
Morena accused election advisers Lorenzo Córdova and Ciro Murayama of seeking to prevent the party from being a majority in the Chamber of Deputies in the next Legislature.
But election advisers argued that they are only complying with the law, which states that no party should have more than 8% overrepresentation.
In order to comply with this constitutional provision, the effective affiliation of each of the successful candidates and candidates by the principle of relative majority shall be verified; the one that is in force at the time of registration of the application.
That is, the triumph will be counted in favor of the match with which the winning candidate has an «effective affiliation».
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