translated from Spanish: decalogue for safe holidays in Easter

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Mexico. – Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell presented a decalogue of recommendations for safe Easter holidays with measures to prevent Covid-19 contagions.  
During the conference of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Palacio Nacional, Dr. López Gatell gave the 10 recommendations:
1.- Enjoy the pass in a place near home, “that this is not a celebration”, that makes us attend with other people outside our nearby circle. 
2.- Take advantage to spend time with the nearby family, so that there is less exchange between different families. 
3.- Attend places with few people 
4.- If you leave is group that is maximums of 5 people in outdoor places, “there is less probability of contagion”.   
5.- Try to leave at times where there are fewer people, search where there are fewer people and return home to sleep.
6.- With family members or friends have safe encounters, limit the number of people and with healthy distance
7.- If you participate in religious events do them from home.
8.- Protect yourself from heat, light clothing, lenses, moisturize recommendation in general, consume 8 glasses of simple water a day.
9.- Maintain basic measures of healthy distance, use of mouth covers, wash hands with soap and water.  
10.- Stay home to avoid contagion.
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