translated from Spanish: Enlist for a possible covid-19 regrowth in Mazatlan

Sinaloa.- The director of the General Hospital of Mazatlan, Héctor Carreón Tizcareño, urges the population to stay at home during Easter to reduce the risk of a third wave of regrowth of Covid-19 in the municipality.» But if they decide to leave, it’s important that they take care of health measures,» he warned the Mazatlecos, «because the virus persists and I don’t know it can let your guard down.»
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The risks
Carreón Tizcareño accepted that a regrowth cannot be ruled out because of the tourist influx expected for the port, but unless it is not overflowed. Read more: They launch in Navolato the National Week of Education of Education and Road Safety At the risk of a third wave, medical staff and the institution is ready to meet the demand for care generated by covid-19. The second floor of the nosocomio has the capacity to have 90 patients interned.

There is also the 14-bed annex that was built and teamed up with their respective respirators implemented by the state governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, at the start of the health emergency. Also in the emergency area there is capacity to receive 14 patients. Normality
The Galen highlighted that after Easter they will wait two or three weeks, and if there is no uptick in contagion, it will return to normal, as there is a lot of demand for attention from other pathologies. Currently only emergencies are attended, but there are scheduled surgeries that need to be attended. Care for other diseases is about 30 percent.» Returning to normal does not mean leaving the protocols aside, rather these will remain permanent,» the director of the nosocomio said. Read more: Senate Justice Commission approves disappearing five rooms of the TFJAHoy day, the institution has in area Covid-19 interned to 17 patients, and in recent days has not been over the 20 patients of the virus. For other specialties, such as gynecologist-obstetrician, traumatology and other emergencies have about 90 patients.

Covid-19 vaccinates Health Sector staff in Los Mochis

Original source in Spanish

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