translated from Spanish: Registers with IEM Mercedes Calderón by Michoacán gubernatura

Morelia, Michoacán.- On the morning of Tuesday, she registered with the Electoral Institute of Michoacán (IEM) Mercedes Calderón García, former mayor of Pátzcuaro as a candidate for the governor of Michoacán with the Ciudadano Movement party.
Accompanied by the state delegate of the Citizen Movement, Manuel Antunez Oviedo, the only aspiring woman by the government of Michoacán said it is time for the entity to have a woman in charge.
She criticized the fact that within politics the role of women has been left behind, even though they are the ones driving the country’s development.
She reiterated that Michoacán’s future will be feminist and is a reference to women’s demands to prevent gender-based violence, safe and legal abortion, as well as the generation of mechanisms to ensure equality in the wage field.

She emphasized that she has experience in public management and international human rights organizations, as she was at the helm of Crefal, a space belonging to the United Nations (UN).
She thanked the Citizen Movement for tucking her in and allowing her to be the only female candidate by the state government and made it clear that she would not allow political violence towards her or any other aspiring woman.

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