translated from Spanish: There are more than two candidates for Sinaloa gubernatura: Millán

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- In Sinaloa there are not only two projects for the gubernatura, there are more that share interests not only political, but social, argued Rosa Elena Millán Bueno candidate for this position by Force for Mexico.» Not only are there two (candidates), there are many of us, the truth to all the respects that everything has had the opportunity to share responsibilities, with all has touched me to collaborate in one way or another in their projects and everyone deserves me a lot of respect, in the same way I think it should be equal to there, I think in this contest we are not enemies , we are contenders and the political civility of respect must prevail and of course it is the proposals that prevail,» he said.
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During her visit to the municipality of Ahome, Rosa Elena Millán Bueno said it is time to give opportunity to new projects for Sinaloa to do well. Read more: Between band music and records, Mario Zamora registers for Sinaloa’s gubernatura In that sense, he acknowledged that there was a sense of pain when not being taken into account for the assignment of PRI nominations; however, he assured that he is firm with his new project and will go as far as the public wants and allows it.

«Here we are part of Force for Mexico we have to say, here we are doing adding precisely in these citizens who have no color of parties, they are the things that we have, results that although it is true you travel through a party it is also true that you give prestige or political degradation and to those acronyms of the PRI I gave prestige because I always try to be an honest woman , it’s a condition of life that I have, where I’m doing,» he said.

Rosa Elena Millán at press conference in Ahome. Photo: Debate

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