translated from Spanish: Province by province: the requirements for travel next long weekend

A new long weekend is coming and, despite the ups and downs of contagion and warnings for an imminent second wave, many people already think of a getaway to take a few days and travel the country. It is therefore important to remember that the conditions launched by the national government before the start of the summer season are still in force.

The Summer Certificate is the main requirement to be taken into account before starting a trip during Easter, even if, let’s remember, there are also specific measures taken by each jurisdiction. Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Río Negro, Entre Ríos, Neuquén, Mendoza, Salta, and San Luis, for example, are provinces that only ask for that certificate. But there are a few others that also request negative PCR, Covid-19 health insurance and even quarantine. The Summer Certificate can take up to 48 hours after the procedure, which can be done through the official website or the Care app, where it is registered. Each individual and any family group must process a single certificate and on the application form must specify the place of stay and the dates on which it will remain in the bonaerense municipality of destination. For travelers residing in the City of Buenos Aires, the PCR control that must be carried out once they return to the Federal Capital and the affidavit to be processed on the official page of the Port government, as well as the request for the shift to take the exam, remains in force. Swab centers continue to operate in La Rural, Dellepiane terminal, Jorge Newbery aeropark and Ezeiza International Airport.These are the requirements, province by province

Buenos Aires: summer certificate
Buenos Aires City: PCR test upon entry and affidavit
Between Rivers: summer certificate; to enter the city of Columbus you have to have an authorization and pay an extraordinary fee
Currents: negative PCR test upon entry and affidavit
Missions: summer certificate, negative PCR test when entering and self-assessment of Covid-19 symptoms in the Digital Missions app that serves as an Affidavit.
Chaco: provincial driving permit certificate
Formosa: the city of Formosa is closed to tourism; when arriving in the province, an isolation of 14 days must be carried out
Jujuy: summer certificate
Jump: summer certificate
Catamarca: summer certificate, and in some destinations negative PCR is requested when entering
Tucumán: summer certificate, affidavit and negative PCR (if the person comes from a non-Northern province and does not have an accommodation reservation)
Santiago del Estero: PCR negative if not coming from the North (Catamarca, La Rioja, Tucumán, Jujuy and Salta) and without reservation of accommodation; Affidavit
La Rioja: summer certificate, affidavit
St. John’s: summer certificate
Cordoba: summer certificate
Santa Fe: certificate summer, have accommodation reservation and register in the provincial government app
St. Louis: summer certificate
Mendoza: summer certificate
La Pampa: managing a provincial permit
Neuquén: summer certificate, health insurance for over 60s and risk group, accommodation reservation
Chubut: summer certificate, health insurance and other restrictions depending on the tourist site to visit
Rio Negro: summer certificate, optional health insurance and download the RN Circulation app
Santa Cruz: in some destinations, PCR negative when entering; affidavit and health insurance

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