translated from Spanish: Guillermo Coppola was discharged and will continue his recovery at home

Guillermo Coppola was discharged in recent hours after being admitted to the Finochietto Sanatorium for almost two weeks. The businessman had come to guard for respiratory complications and was hospitalized, even through the restrictive area of intensive care. Finally, today, Guillote returned home to continue the recovery but already in the comfort of his domicyl. However, these were days of great concern for Coppola and his inner circle. Because although at first it was believed to be something simple («we are here, making checks on respiratory issues, but all very light,» said the 73-year-old entrepreneur on the day of his internment), everything quickly became complicated. Alerts were lit, due to Coppola’s age and because the coronavirus had transited in January. However, his condition was made by a pre-infection diagnosis and had to do with pulmonary fibrosis that led him to need oxygen to breathe properly. After stabilizing him, Guillermo returned to intermediate therapy and as he evolved as expected doctors moved to a common room, where he remained under observation until he had, today, medical discharge. You will now need to follow medical directions and continue recovery, either out of danger, from home. 

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