translated from Spanish: Italy: two babies were born with antibodies to coronavirus

After their mothers, two doctors, were voluntarily vaccinated in the third trimester of their pregnancy, two babies were born in Italy with antibodies to the coronavirus, local media revealed today. They are Anna, who was born on March 9, and Valentina, March 16, and are the daughters of the immunologist Anna Parolo, 36, and the gynecologist Valeria Bernardi, 37, respectively. Both women are health workers at Ulss 6 health centre in Padua (Veneto, north) and so far did not get the disease. During the first days of January they underwent the vaccine, and as indicated by the protocol, three months later at the second dose. During the time of pregnancy they showed no adverse reaction and on the day of birth the girls are in good health. As the center explained to the press, vaccine studies in pregnant women are limited and may also be advisable for pregnant women who are risk groups.

Science must still determine whether immunization during pregnancy influences the fetus as in cases of diphtheria, tetanus or cough, and also at what point in pregnancy they are most recommended. March 16 broke the news that a similar event occurred in the United States: a Florida health worker also vaccinated against coronavirus gave birth to a girl with antibodies to the disease. The woman was vaccinated at 36 weeks of pregnancy and received the first dose of the vaccine from the Moderna laboratory.

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