translated from Spanish: Rafael Dudamel said they have a special plan for the players who got covid

University of Chile had an outbreak of Coronavirus spreads, right in the previous match back against San Lorenzo. Therefore, the U’s coach stated that they are doing special work with the players who were affected. “The consequences of Covid-19 for the athlete is muscle atrophy and cardiorespiratory part. Every footballer after serving his quarantine has been given a four-day plan for proper rehabilitation,” he said at a press conference. In addition, he highlighted the work that the youth have done, as it was they who had to defend the colors replacing the footballers of the first team. “I’m happy to have one or two youth players in every position,” he said. “The team is going to grow, mature and consolidate. I believe in the team building stages,” he added. However, he warned that to be champions he needs a left-back, that he is not youthful. “It’s a task to boost players in that place (left lane), but if we’re aiming to compete for the title, it’s not with juveniles that position should be filled, I want the competition to be between more mature players,” he said.

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