translated from Spanish: Who is the new detainee for Tehuel’s disappearance and how the investigation progresses

The whereabouts of Tehuel de la Torre, the 21-year-old boy who disappeared on March 11, remains unknown. The latest development in the case is the arrest of a second suspect who might be involved in his disappearance.

This is Oscar Alfredo Montes, a 46-year-old chatr was arrested this Saturday by the DDI of La Plata investigated for «real contest cover-up with false testimony» as investigators believe he hid information in the first interview that was conducted to him a few days ago.

Montes resides in the Bonaerense town of Alejandro Korn where Tehuel was last seen when he went to the home of Luis Alberto Ramos who offered him an alleged eventual job as a waiter for an event. Ramos, 37, is the leading suspect in the cause and they weigh against him a history of violence and drug trafficking. Both are the defendants in the investigation for Tehuel’s disappearance as they were seen together the day the boy disappeared: «Montes had stated that he had not seen it and we are certain that he saw it and that he was with him,» a spokesman in charge of the investigation told Télam. According to court sources, the second detainee has a criminal record for sexual abuse.

The homes of both suspects were raided. In Ramos’s, a burnt cell phone and burnt clothes were found. According to the testimony of Tehuel’s partner, both elements would belong to the missing young man. From the house of Montes, the details of the abducted objects are not yet known. Research
The complaint to request the whereabouts of Tehuel de la Torre was made by his partner who, having not heard from her boyfriend, filed the complaint at the first police station in San Vicente, erndondo that he had not returned to the house they shared. As the days passed and the young man was not heard, last March 16, a find was requested from the home of the main suspect, Luis Alberto Ramos, where DNA evidence was lifted, there was a cell phone and the incinerated clothing. After the findings, his arrest was ordered.

At the time of his capture he was found trying to enter the house a former couple in the town of Avellaneda, wearing a beret, beard and a backpack with a blanket and knife that were kidnapped. In addition, his appearance and hair had been changed, which was extremely striking to the policemen. In addition, the testimonies of several witnesses were key. In principle, a smaller neighbor of the first detainee claimed to have seen «three people cleaning Ramos’ house on the morning of March 13, pulling out bags of black waste.»

Tehuel with her partner

Another witness places Ramos and Tehuel in the same scene on Friday the 12th «in the neighborhood canchita together with Luis Alberto Ramos, when he wanted to increse some kids and they ran him out throwing stones at him».

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