translated from Spanish: Fernán Quirós: «We are transiting the beginning of a second wave, without a doubt»

With a sustained increase in coronavirus cases in the country and the idea of a second wave getting closer, simultaneously to the conference given by the Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti and the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, the holder of the health portfolio in the city of Buenos Aires, Fernán Quirós, spoke out about it. «What we are transiting is the beginning of a second wave, no doubt. Now, evolution depends on what we can do among all,» the Porteño official said. In dialogue with La Nación, the district health minister considered that «the most important thing at this stage of the year is to avoid encounters in closed, poorly ventilated places. It is the main mechanism for extending this wave.» 

Fernán Quirós, Minister of Health of the City

«Most encounters have to do with family, work, social gatherings in closed places because the weather got a little more aggressive. There it is very important to hold the meetings in open places,» he said. In this line, as did the Minister of Health of the Nation, she confirmed the circulation of new variants of coronavirus in the city of Buenos Aires. «I’ve been communicating it for several days, we’ve been detecting both manaus and British strains, initially with people who came on the road, then close contacts with people who came on the road and in the last few days people who don’t have a clear bond with those who have traveled,» Quirós said. Accuracy that the greatest number of infected are between people in their 20s and 60s, the health holder commented that «the worst situation for the treatment of this pandemic is fear.» «A person who is frightened, afraid or afraid has difficulty participating in collective care,» he said. National government announcements

Telework: From today until Wednesday, even the national public sector will be exempted from attending the workplace and will perform its tasks remotely.
Tourism: In view of the proximity of Easter, efforts to strengthen care and sustain tourism carefully was marked as fundamental, avoiding high-risk activities, which will be possible with the commitment of provinces, municipalities, the private sector and society.
Meeting with government sectors: Meetings will be held today between ministries of health, tourism and sports with the cameras of tourism, transport, and airlines, to strengthen care protocols. In addition, a joint Federal Health and Tourism Council will be convened to work in a consensual and federal manner.

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