translated from Spanish: “How do you follow life without you?” : Clara’s poignant farewell after the death of her sister, Sofia Sarkany

There is a shock to Sofia Sarkany’s death. She was 31 years old and on March 22 had become the mother of Felix, her first child with her partner Tomás Allende. He died in Miami after fighting cervical cancer since 2018 that led to metastasis during the coronavirus pandemic last year.

Sarkany family | Photo: Instagram @clarisarkany

The young business company and designer left this world at a clinic in Miami, USA, and as she claimed her surroundings, after fulfilling her dream: to hold her son. Let us remember that he had decided to freeze his eggs to realize that desire, which was made possible by belly surrogacy. Before leaving, he made his longing.
“You left when your favorite song sounded, and we’d make you doughn’, kiss you, sing to you and chat. So you. Full of love,” Clara Sarkany after Sofia’s death.

In this context, his family and close friends shared senses of farewell and remembrance through social media, and among them, his sister Clara’s was noted. “How do you follow life without you? A lifetime together, my partner of absolutely everything, my soulmate, my accomplice, my sister, my best friend and my clone. I’m eternally grateful to have chosen myself as your sister, it’s such an honor. Thank you for teaching me so much, for marking the way, therefore but SO much love and wisdom. Popita I’m going to miss you horrors, I’m going to think of you every day but always with a smile, because if there’s one thing that the disease doesn’t bring you out, it was your huge smile,” he began expressing.

Clara Sarkany’s message to her sister Sofia Sarkany | Instagram

“You left when your favorite song sounded, and we’d make you doughn’, kiss you, sing to you and chat. So you. Full of love. Thank you for so many magical moments, my little sister. You are a fighter, a wise one and a person full of kindness and love. Vola VERY HIGH. Paint the sky with your passion and rest that you gave everything and more! We’ll see each other again,” he continued.

Sarkany Sisters: Josephine, Sofia, Clara and Violet | Photo: Instagram @clarisarkany

Thanking him for leaving them “two little angels on this earth,” a reference to his brother-in-law and nephew, “a little Buddhite full of peace,” Clara promised to take care of them and noted, “I carry your smile as a flag. I carry your soul in my heart. I have magical memories in my head.
Life gave you a lot and you knew how to squeeze it to full. Life gives you and takes you out. Sometimes it can be very unfair. But I am eternally grateful to have spent 22 years by your side, of having learned from your experience and such wise counsel. Those who know you are lucky, you’re GOLD sister.”

Clara and Sofia Sarkany | Photo: Instagram @clarisarkany

“I love you, I adore you, I love you, I miss you and I admire you with the popsiqueen soul. Vola very very high love; thank you so much. You’re eternal. Heaven’s partying,” he closed.

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