translated from Spanish: Alejandra Cansino Negrete integrates as sub-delegate of Women in Motion: Manuel Antúnez Oviedo

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Morelia, Michoacán.- The National Delegate of Citizen Movement in Michoacán, gave the appointment of Alejandra Cansino Negrete as the new Sub-Delegation of Women in Motion.
This as part of an institutional relay after the departure of Fernanda Zavala Castillo who left office to join other professional growth projects, highlighted for his youth and outstanding experience.
Luis Manuel Antúnez Oviedo thanked the professionalism, dedication and fortitude with which, at all times, Fernanda Zavala Castillo served at the head of the Sub-Delegation of Women in Motion, and wished him all the success in his new projects.
Likewise, by welcoming Alejandra Cansino Negrete, the Municipal Coordinator of citizen empowerment Vanina Hernández Villegas noted; that “When a woman works alone, she probably opens paths for her, but when women work together we can achieve many changes,” which the municipality, the state needs, and we join that, she stressed.
“It is essential for the Citizen Movement to tree the causes of women, to support them, to accompany them and to form a team so that day by day there are the same opportunities and rights for michoacans,” she concluded.
Alejandra Cansino Negrete, having received the appointment, was happy to support Fernanda’s work beforehand and pledged to continue to promote it for a common good for Michoacana women.
She stated that she took full responsibility for the challenges of the new task at the forefront of that area, always with the aim of driving citizen causes and mainly support for women and their struggle.
The Delegate of Women on the Move, Jimena Berthely Durruty, said: “This is an intergenerational struggle, because women are crossed by different realities. Thank you Fernanda the team we form and the extraordinary way to agree work, as well as dignify, this struggle for those who believe in her and even for those who do not.
“Alejandra to you I want to congratulate you for raising your voice, humility, bringing the cause forward and wishing you to find in this space growth and being able to reinvent ourselves,” he said.

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