translated from Spanish: Jimena Baron returned to the nets, after 8 months in silence

Jimena Baron had been reaping a hit that seemed unstoppable, with live shows and two studio albums, the singer reached hundreds of followers who applauded every new track she pulled out. But last year, and after a sudden fleeting reconciliation with his son’s father, Daniel Osvaldo. On July 13, he climbed what was to be for a long period, his last post. To this day, he decided to rewrite publicly on his instagram account. And so cheer up his fans who enjoyed every move he made the interpreter. With a brief excerpt of what’s coming, Jimena wrote Hello, next to a clip in which you can hear the fine “Flower of Involution”. The phrase might refer to the name of your next song or the album you will release. Soon, the singer announced that she will premiere her next work on March 31 at 20.  And the simple publication quickly harvested more than 500,000 views in a few seconds. 
Let us remember that Baron will be part of the jury of the new reality format, The Academy, which will bring Marcelo Tinelli back to the screen. 
It will be the return of the singer to the media, from which she walked away without giving any explanation and new music, of course. 

Original source in Spanish

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