translated from Spanish: Mexico is already 5th world producer of animal feed

Mexico City.- Annual production of balanced animal feed has maintained an average growth of 4% over the past four years, which has generated direct benefits, mainly to the livestock sector, by meeting the demand for this raw material that they require to ensure a quality animal protein for Mexicans. However, this sector is essential not only to maintain stability in the supply of food for the productive animal industry, but also to those in the company, which have taken on a relevant role within the family nucleus, especially during the pandemic by contributing to the well-being of the general population.
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For several years, the Aztec country remained the sixth global producer of balanced animal feed. In its last edition, the Alltech Global Balanced Food Survey 2021, highlighted that Mexico climbed one position in the world rankings and is now in fifth position, with production close to 38 million metric tons. Read more: Coronavirus Mexico: Today’s latest news on March 31 about the Covid-19Other important fact we find in the survey is that balanced food production grew 1% globally compared to 2019, achieving 1,187.7 million metric tons produced. From the Latin American region, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are part of the global top 10.

Genaro Bernal, Director General of the National Council for Balanced Food and Animal Nutrition A.C. (CONAFAB), commented: “Information from Alltech’s recent Global Balanced Food Survey demonstrates the dynamism and role of our sector in contributing to the food security of the population. The numbers of our country underscore the great contribution of our industry to the economic development of the country.” The manager also highlights the commitment of industry to the research, production and formulation of balanced foods that guarantee the health, safety, productivity and social and productive development of Mexico, an action that is carried out in the nearly 600 balanced food production plants in the country. In the Alltech Survey we find, specifically in the livestock sector, that Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Colombia recorded an increase in the production of balanced food for pigs, due to the demand for this type of protein during the health contingency by Covid-19. The above is due to how accessible this type of meat is because of its moderate prices. Read more: Fire in parking TV Azteca mobilizes CDMX firefightersFor CONAFAB food safety not only has to do with the amount of food, it also involves quality, safety and traceability of the product at all stages of animal protein production as well as in the feeding of small species.

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