translated from Spanish: Civil Aeronautics officials call for pandemic airport closure

The President of the Association of Officials of the Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (ANFDGAC), José Pérez Debelli, referred to the request to close our country’s international air borders, following the considerable increase in Covid-19 cases in Chile and predicted that with the number of daily flights that are occurring in the country, the situation of Arturo Merino Benítez Airport , will cause a collapse. The trade union leader noted that “on the one hand it is contradictory to be asked for confinement, with long quarantines in different parts of our country, however, we find it unpresentable that the entrance routes should be kept open. We must put limits on this air traffic, as long as we put people’s care, health and lives ahead of us. We know how this airflow works and it still stays high, so we believe that we must apply wisdom and listen to professional experts who have the competence to guide pandemic management.” Today alone Merino Benitez Airport will have 180 air operations, which will undoubtedly cause the collapse of this air unit with the health complications that this will cause. The call is to the government, to the administrative political authorities, to parliamentarians, the situation is now critical,” the union leader said. The president of ANFDGAC noted “we have raised our voices and hope that they will be able to assume a clear policy, for a limited period, and I call for examples such as Argentina, which banned the arrival of flights from Brazil, Chile and Mexico there are countries that currently have a critical situation regarding contagions and today flights from all over the world arrive in Chile. It is necessary to put a limit like Argentina, that is an example of protection and an effective health policy.” Finally, the leader stressed that “this situation no longer resists, hopefully the Government will change its orientation of taking care of the market, the capital and put human beings at the center. This is an opportunity, if there is a concern to save people’s lives the airport has to close and it is a controlled closure, controlled, lying down, but a decision needs to be made now,” he concluded.

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