translated from Spanish: Civil Registry now allows you to schedule time for formalities

As a measure to avoid the classic crowds outside the Offices of the Civil Registry, yesterday the service announced that the website will allow schedule hours for formalities that were previously carried out on a first-come, first-served basis.
As reported by the Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraín, the Metropolitan Region will be the pilot plan for the rest of the country and will be used for formalities such as renewing identity cards and passports, as well as marrying and signing Civil Union Agreements (AUC).
While available since March 1, the idea is to implement a hybrid model between remote and face-to-face care.
Nearly 100,000 monthly appointments are being enabled to renew certificates and passports at the capital’s offices. Availability is one month.
It was further explained that in the event of no time available in the applicant’s commune, the system “ensures that an appointment is available in offices in 38 other communes in the Metropolitan Region”, if there is greater urgency.
The Civil Registry further reported that the system for contracting linkages has been open since December 2020 and that to date, 24 thousand hours have been opened, in offices in 43 communes of Santiago. This, without prejudice to the permanent updating of the agenda with a six-month projection.

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