translated from Spanish: Chamber of Commerce rejected new restrictions: “The economy has managed to recover jobs, and measures like these affect them again”

The Chamber of Commerce of Santiago (CCS) rejected this day the change in the essential turns made by the health authority, and called the measures disproportionate and wrong.
This day on the daily balance sheet of the pandemic, the government announced that only items of food, medicines, hygiene and grooming and household conservation items, as well as essential elements for distance education or telework will be considered essential. Other activities such as the sale of clothing and footwear were excluded and a curfew was decreed at 21 hours.
“We understand the difficulty of the authority in controlling private activities, however, continuing to affect activities that have proven safe to only generate a ‘feeling’ of greater control of the pandemic versus the cost to personal freedoms, employment and recovery from this crisis, we find it disproportionate and wrong,” said Carlos Soublette, general manager of the CCS.
The executive further added that “with great effort the economy has managed to regain positions of hundreds of workers, and measures like these affect them again. We are the first interested in safeguarding health in a context where 80% of the population is in Phase 1. However, the measures available should seek balance to maintain the supply of the population and not further damage the sustainability of employment.”
Soublette also said the new measures could be unconstitutional.

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