translated from Spanish: La Moneda is placed to transparent the names of members of the President’s Covid-19 advisory committee

The chairman of the Senate Health Committee, Rabindranath Quinteros (PS), requested through a letter to the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency to transparent who make up the President’s advisory committee on covid matters.
In the parliamentarian’s view, “presenting this committee to the public is an act of transparency, which would alleviate the pressure and rumors that exist as to who are the people who, in practice, decide the course of the strategies that apply to the population”.
Quinteros stated that Chile faces a new month “burdened with uncertainties and fears on the part of the public in the face of the expansion of the Covid, in which the increase in the numbers of infected and deceased, the growing lack of critical beds and the application of preventive measures that are less efficient in its implementation and control, form a picture that even the successful vaccination process has not managed to contain”.
The senator for Los Lagos added that in the midst of the crisis, various sectors, such as Colmed, have expressed doubts about the formation of the President’s advisory committee on the matter, noting “that they know us and that it is a mystery who is advising the Representative.”
“On this basis, I have requested the Ministry-General of the Presidency to publicly disclose information on the components of that committee; its field of competence in health, economic and social; his relationship with the ministerial and service authorities, and his advisory or decision-making role,” the senator explained for Los Lagos.
The chairman of the Upper House Health Committee stressed that “today more than ever, the country needs certainties and assurances. Transparenting this information helps to move forward on that path.”

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