translated from Spanish: Presidency confirmed that Alberto Fernández’s PCR test tested positive

This Saturday, April 3rd, the Presidential Medical Unit under the Presidency of the Nation confirmed that President Alberto Fernández’s PCR test yielded positive results.

“On Friday, April 2nd of the current year, Mr. President of the Nation, Dr. Alberto Angel FERNANDEZ after presenting a temperature record of 37.3 degrees Celsius and headache, an antigen determination test was carried out for COVID-19 being positive,” the official communiqué began. In this line, the Presidential Medical Unit reports that: “In view of this situation, mandatory isolation measures were taken for the first representative and all close contacts thereof within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms, as well as a pcr swab to confirm or rule out the disease.”
“I want to convey that on the day of the date, I have evaluated the First Representative who is stable, asymptomatic, with parameters within normal ranges,” said Dr Federico Saavedra, personal physician of the first representative who signs the statement issued by the Presidency of the Nation.

Official information confirms Fernandez’s positive diagnosis of coronavirus: “Diagnosis of COVID-19 infection is confirmed upon receipt of positive PCR infection, making it clear that the clinical picture is mild due in large part to the protective effect of the vaccine received,” he says.
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