translated from Spanish: Find two executed inside a house in Las Flores colony, Zamora

home safety Find two executed inside a house in Las Flores colony, Zamora

Zamora, Mich. – Within an address were located two lifeless men, same as to say of the police authorities had bullet impacts and one of them was inside a craft well, also a motorcycle with reports of theft was located in the area.
It was around 12:30 a.m. this Sunday, when neighbors of the Las Flores colony reported 911 hearing firearm detonies on Rosas Street, between the roads of Pico de Patamban and Olmecas.
Immediately the elements of the Municipal Police and the National Guard were mobilized who found the forced veneer and traces of blood at the entrance of the property, so when reviewing the house they located the two bodies and the motorcycle, one of the brand Italika 125z, model 2021, blue color with black without plates, which had a report of theft.
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Minutes later, officers and experts from the Pericial Services and Crime Scene Unit arrived, who performed the law enforcement officers, packed the evidence, and took the bodies as strangers to the local morgue. The corresponding research folder is being started.

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