translated from Spanish: Marquitos of “Revenge of Cheese” invites you to vote for Green Party

Navolato, Sinaloa.- The character Marcos Vinicio Verdugo, originally from Navolato and who is known as “El Tigre” and having been a viral sensation years ago with the video of “Revenge of Cheese”, was seen in election campaign by the Green Party.” Marquitos” as he is also known to friends, neighbors and family, appeared in the coded video of many people and with his characteristic smile, inviting all inhabitants of Navolato to vote for their party in the upcoming elections.
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Marquitos said it was time to “distribute the cheese” in Villa Juarez, a community where the brief footage was recorded at the formal start of election campaigns across the country. 

Just over a month ago, it was announced that “El Tigre” would be deputy to Deputy Miguel Calderón of District 11 for the Green Party in the municipality of Navolato, surprising hundreds of people who only remembered him for being a sense of the internet. Read more: More budget for agriculture, livestock and fishing in Sinaloa, promises Rocha MoyaMarcos, who was nicknamed by his friends as “El Tigre”, because according to him, he was told that he always uses the same “claws” because he had nothing else to wear. The story of his fame has beginning with a famous interview for DEBATE with an affable anecdote that enchanted all his neighbors, and thanks to the interview, Marquitos’ life in the company of his “treasure” came to light. The family that that day had nothing to eat, nomas had tortillas wrapped in vegetables and his wife, María de Lourdes or better known as his “Treasure”, told him that he wanted to pour cheese on those tortillas.

Read more: Salvador Zamora starts election campaign, in Bosque de La Primavera in the middle of the fireMarco when reviewing his refrigerator, narrated that he looked like “tender coconut” by seeing pure water and to avoid the first upset with his “Treasure”, he said that he could only find five pesos to buy cheese. Unfortunately when he went on to pay for the small chunk of five pesos of cheese, the machine swallowed the bag, leaving “pure milk”, and went sorry without being able to buy the cheese for its “wrapped” or enchiladas. In the days, Marquitos was paid 6,000 pesos for his work, as Mark is engaged in masonry; then he decided to exact his revenge.

Marcos went to the same store and ordered a whole cheese, Marquitos took revenge on the cheese that made him feel rejected by society, working the same machine that appeased the five pesos of cheese.

Original source in Spanish

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