translated from Spanish: They live violently in homes, children in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The right to access a life free of violence was the most violent during 2020 in children who received some kind of care in the State System for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents (Sipinna) in Sinaloa. Of the 464 minors served, 311 reported that this right was infringed by a family member or a close person.
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It is important to remember that last year, because of the covid-19 pandemic, minors stopped receiving face-to-face classes and were confined to their homes, spending more time with their relatives. Read more: The political campaigns of Sinaloa candidates begin According to Margarita Urías Burgos, owner of Sipinna, due to lockdown and other factors, in some households began to suffer a lot of stress, with minors being affected by being victims of various abuses, including verbal and psychological abuse.

By 2021, as children continued at home and were tired and angry with so much confinement, they continued to be victims of family violence. Culiacán, with more cases
According to last year’s information, the girls suffered more abuse, as there were 239 cases. The population that suffered the most violence was the 5-year-old, followed by the 10-year-old population. In the municipality of Culiacán, the highest number of cases was recorded, reaching 384 events. The second most violent right was the right to live in conditions of well-being and a healthy integral development, as 82 facts were reported. In September, 37 complaints were added, with the highest number of cases. Abuse follows
In 2021, child abuse continues. From January to February 18, 32 received care in Sipinna; 19 were women and 13 men. 12 cases were by omission of care, 10 for physical and psychological violence, 6 because he was violated by the right to health and two suffered sexual violence. Urías Burgos calls on minors not to allow any violence and, as soon as they detect that they are being violated by some of their rights, report them to 9-1-1, to any of the DIDs and also the Sipinna, to receive the required attention. Read more: Passion and courage for Sinaloa affirms the candidate for governor, Gloria González BurboaThe Data
VictimsIn Sinaloa, minors were also victims of ‘lifts’ and murder. One of the cases is that of Javier Pulido, who was deprived of his liberty last December, and who at the moment does not know where he is. Alert AmberFor not agreeing with their parents or feeling assaulted in some way, several minors left their homes last year, so the Amber alert was activated, most were located.

Puebla’s police abuse of older adults reported on social media

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