translated from Spanish: Video | How do new COVID strains impact young people?

Children under the age of 30 suffered enormous uncertainty with sadness and depression. beyond that they are the least at risk of mortality, they are the ones that transmit the virus the most and were targeted for their responsibilities. In the face of the psychological blow, they were also blamed and, thirdly, they were taken as a threat for being responsible for parties and mass contagions, in the face of the opening of restrictions and new measures to be established. Over the months, different studies placed them in a suceptible group, where many suffered disorders, phobias, panic attacks, demonstrating that in addition to coronavirus symptoms, they are more vulnerable.
What about the advent of vaccines? Brazil has busy intesive therapy units and ages are getting lower. These three strains of Manaos, Rio de Janieiro and the United Kingdom, generate reinfection, spread more easily and, therefore, there are more people interned. Among the keys to consider, ventilation is vital to prevent mass contagion. You don’t have to put your life aside and continue with the appropriate care and precautions, it’s a recommendation that comes from different areas of medicine. For more information or doubts, you can ask Dr. Jorge Tartaglione all the queries that arise about it, through his two Instagram accounts: @jorgetartaglione or @tartaglionesalud 

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