translated from Spanish: Candidates for Federal Citizen Movement MPs take to the streets to push the agenda

Morelia, Michoacán.- With the start of the campaigns in Michoacán, the 12 candidates for the Federal Councils of Citizen Movement also began the phase of presenting the Legislative Citizen Agenda that they will have to defend once they arrive at the Chamber of Deputies, so they reported it in a statement.
The 12 candidates will walk the streets of the 12 Federal Districts campaigning from below, listening to the public, and will also be accompanied by the candidate for the Government of the State, Mercedes Calderón García.
Together, they will present the axes of the Citizen Agenda that was built by all sectors and which also represent the main concerns of Michoacans, taking into account the particularities of each region.
Each candidate, once the campaign process was started, stressed that it is a high responsibility to serve citizens, and stressed that they are committed to giving their best, not only in the process of seeking the support of voters, but also with what public service represents from the powers that will be in renewal in this electoral process.
In their respective campaign start each of the candidates of the Citizen Movement were highlighting the axes that they consider priority to defend themselves from the lower house of the Union Congress.
It was thus that Bernardo María León Olea, candidate for District 10, with a head in Morelia Oriente, noted that one of his priorities is to strengthen the educational field. As Eduardo Tapia López, a candidate for The 11th District of Pátzcuaro, emphasized that the priority he also seeks to address is to promote legislative actions that drive tourism, and that this sector feels really supported.
For her part, Carolina Bustamante Pérez, a candidate for District 12 of Apatzingán, said that one of the axes that she considers fundamental and that needs to be pushed for deep reforms has to do with that of security, where stagnation has been observed.
Lorena Valladares Barragán, candidate of The 09th District of Uruapan, noted that it must also be legislate because there is a substantial improvement in quality of life; while Lucero Circe López Riofrío, a candidate for Morelia 08 Westeros, spoke out for legislation to make opportunities equitable for all.
For District 07, of Zacapu, René Valencia Mendoza, said that the discussion has to be brought to the Chamber of Deputies and also the impulse to improve the quality of life, with which also coincided Luisa Viridiana Muñoz Hernández, candidate for Federal Deputy for district 04 of Jiquilpan.
Magdelín Guzmán García, candidate for the 01st District of Puruándiro, stressed that legislation must also ensure that women have more and better security and development opportunities; while Jorge Benjamín Pagola Mota, candidate for District 01 of Lázaro Cárdenas, ruled to legislate so that the most important port in Latin America, the Michoacano, has the necessary conditions to not only improve the quality of life and economics of the Port region, but to bring to the development and growth of the state.

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