translated from Spanish: Giselle Rímolo: Justice granted her transitional exits

Monica Cristina María Rímolo, popularly known as Giselle, obtained the benefit of transitional departures for good behavior and having served more than half the penalty. Rímolo became famous with her former partner, Silvio Soldán in the late 1990s, when she advertised he was a doctor, psychologist, nutritionist and homeopath. In 2001 a hidden camera made by the Telenoche program left it exposed to society.

There she was seen inside her clinic “Cidene” prescribing illegal drugs. The formal complaint in Justice was filed by the family of a woman named Lilian Díaz, who on 30 June 2001 died as a product of ingesting a series of medicines that Rímolo prescribed to, presumably, lose weight.
Rímolo serves a sentence of 9 years in prison for culpable homicide and illegal exercise of medicine, among other crimes.

According to the decision signed by the criminal execution judge María Jimena Monsalve, which was agreed by Infobae, Rímolo may leave every month when provided for by the Prison Service taking into account the restrictions on the coronavirus. This document dictates that you may be out of the penalty for 48 hours and each time you return to Ezeiza you must isolate yourself for 14 days. In the period in which she is free she will sleep in the house of Tigre of her ex-partner and lawyer Juan Gainedú.Since last year the presidiary serves her sentence in house No. 5 of the Open Institute of Pre-graduate “Juana Azurduy”. This place has a group of houses, inside the prison grounds, where women who have good behavior and are close to receiving freedom are housed. There they can be with their children, enjoy some freedom to move in the outdoor spaces and, in addition, the place is more comfortable to live. The cleaning and maintenance of the home is distributed with their companions. In total, Rímolo was arrested three times. The first time was in 2002, a year after the complaint, and where thanks to the paid a deposit of $300 thousand pesos he was able to be released. Two years passed in which the case progressed and again called for his arrest in 2004, although he lasted a few months in detention because again after paying $100,000 pesos he obtained the release.
Finally in 2012 the Criminal Oral Court No. 7 found her guilty of the offences of culpable homicide, illegal exercise of medicine, fraud on more than seventy occasions and trafficking in dangerous drugs.

The sentence imposed by the judges was 9 years although for the appeals of her lawyers she remained free until in 2017, when the Supreme Court upheld the sentence and the police arrested her at the home of Don Torcuato which she shared with her partner at the time. Having served 5 years of his sentence, the document granting rhythm’s transitional departures holds that reports on the convict’s conduct are favorable and warn that this benefit will help fulfill the prison premise of preparing the convict for social reintegration after the end of the sentence.” It has been successfully meeting the objectives set from the different areas (work and education). Finally, with regard to transitional outings, it is considered that this would have a positive impact on the strengthening of its family ties with a view to a progressive return to life outside the walls” cites one of the fragments of the 26 pages contained in the document.

Giselle will now have to wait for the Federal Prison Service to arrange at what time of the month she has her 48 hours of freedom. It is not an automatic procedure, let alone in the context of the pandemic.

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