translated from Spanish: Patasalada Tennis Tournament 2021 prepares start of activities

Mazatlan.- With the participation of around 38 Mazatlan tennis players and guests, today will start the Women’s Tennis Tournament Patasalda Diadem 2021, which will be based on the courts of Montfort College during a full week of activity. The tournament will be a tribute to the great women featured in white sport, and will have as the main godmother Lucy Becerra, tennis legend.
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JUSTA COMPETITIONThe competition will have three divisions, highlighting the Open (14 years and older) “A” Singles and Doubles, “D” Singles and Doubles, and of course the main category, 50 years and Major Doubles, where the best veteran exponents will give the fight to take the crown of champion, as they did in the fair past of the MZT Indoor Tournament , showing a high level of play.As an award new ball tubes and rackets will be awarded to the monarchs of each category, as participation from abroad is expected. GREAT EXPONENTSThe format of division 50 and More will be round robin, where the first will be played to win at eight points, while in semis and final will be played to win two of three sets. Over the other categories, they are expected to be played in the same format. Game schedules for veterans will start from 7:00 a.m., while open divisions will also have roles in the afternoon. After the draw, the pairs for 50 and More were formed as follows: Irman Chong and Vicky Tylor, Lupita Medina and Elvira Rodríguez, Fer Tarribo and Juanita Fairbanks, Paty Patiño and Lupita Quiroz, Oralia Marín and Norma Bañuelos, Mónica Medrano and Violeta Pérez, in addition to the duo of Ana Lilia Rentería and Martha Ramírez.

Original source in Spanish

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