translated from Spanish: Why didn’t Silvia Pinal and Maria Felix get along so well?

In an interview that Frida Sofía, daughter of businessman Pablo Moctezuma and singer Alejandra Guzmán, had with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante for imagen Televisión’s «First Hand» program, revealed why Mexican actress María Félix left her grandmother Silvia Pinal out of her christening. Why wasn’t the so-called «last diva of Mexican cinema» at the religious ceremony? For those who do not know Maria Félix, who was known as «La doña» or «María bonita», was the bautizo godmother of the controversial influencer and singer Frida Sofia. Although many might think that the deceased actress agreed to be the godmother because of the influence of Silvia Pinal, the reality was another.
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María Félix agreed to be frida Sofia’s christening godmother, because of the great friendship that «La doña» had with her paternal grandmother Estela Moctezuma.Read more: The actor Eduardo Yáñez reacted to rumors that he had been diagnosed with kidney cancerEra both the ego of diva that had both Maria Felix and Silvia Pinal, that both could not be in one place , which is why «La doña» did not allow Alejandra Guzmán’s mother to be at her own granddaughter’s christening ceremony.
It’s not that they won’t take away, but mary was so diva that she was, ‘either I alone or I’m not going,’ so they left my grandmother out of the christening.

Read more: They withdraw the plagiarism lawsuit against the film «The Shape of Water» and Guillermo del ToroIn their talk with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Frida Sofia added that her grandmother Silvia Pinal entered the place until after the ceremony, «you see the photos and there is not my grandmother». In addition, Frida Sofia stated that if she could, she would take off her surname Guzman and use that of her christening godmother. «I think I’m Frida Felix, I love everything that says, how it’s handled, what it does, for me it’s still alive, if I can relate to someone, it’s Maria Felix.» Subscribe to Disney Plus

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