translated from Spanish: Chavista mayor investigated for marking COVID-19 infected houses

The Venezuelan Public Prosecutor’s Office will investigate a mayor, chavista-lined, for “unilaterally” marking coVID-19 sick homes as part of a preventive campaign in its municipality, Attorney General Tarek William Saab reported on Wednesday (07.04.2021).
Luis Adrián Duque, mayor of the municipality Sucre, Yaracuy state (west), about 300 kilometers by land of Caracas, will be investigated for “macabre marking the homes of patients suffering From Covid-19”, Saab reported in messages shared on his Twitter account.
The prosecutor noted that this is an act of “segregation” on the “margin of Venezuelan state policy to combat the pandemic,” applied unilaterally.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office “together with the Ombudsman’s Office acted together to proceed to remove the unusual notices placed selectively in Yaracuy today (Wednesday) in the homes of these patients,” the official said.
“All the homes where we have a Covid patient, here it is… alert, to take care of us, for our health, consciousness is the best vaccine for all,” Duke said as he pointed his hand at the poster, accompanied by military agents.
With regard to the measures ordered against COVID-19, the mayor noted that those who did not comply with the provisions would be sanctioned “and we will also establish community work for him, stay at home!” he said in another video posted on his Instagram account.
Since March, Venezuela has faced a second wave of the “more virulent” coronavirus, with new spikes in contagion and decesses, something that President Nicolás Maduro’s government attributes to the spread of Brazilian variants in the Caribbean country.
To date, some 170,000 contagions and 1,700 confirmed decesses, according to official figures questioned by the opposition and non-governmental organizations that warn of high under-registration at the low availability of PCR diagnostic tests.

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