translated from Spanish: Edomex. They find student body Raúl Ferreyra

State of Mexico.- Relatives disclosed the finding of the lifeless body of Raúl Ferreyra García, 21 years old, athlete and student of Engineering in Softwware of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM), disappeared about 40 days ago in the entity. This through the official social media search account of the young person “We are looking for you Raul”:
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“With enormous regret we report that unfortunately Raúl Derreyra García has been found lifeless. There are no (and will not be) words that can express their absence in our lives. We sincerely thank all the people who supported us in their search.
Infinite, that’s how you are Rulo!
Infinite, so our love for you!

The body of young man would have been discovered very close to a lagoon in the municipality of Capulhuac, where they made the first days of search for their whereabouts, according to sources of Political Animal.Read more: They locate alive minor reported missing in Jalisco with their familyRaúl Ferreyra García
“Rulo”, as his familaires and friends called him fond, disappeared more than a month ago after attending an address with several people since Last February 27 in San Pedo Tlaltizapán, Tianguisteco,. That’s where he was last seen. UAEM expressed its condolences to the young man’s family during these difficult times and reiterated its unconditional support; it also reported requesting clarification of the case from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico.
“Rest in peace, champion Raúl Ferreyra García; thank you for having represented the State of Mexico for so many years, respect for your opponent and discipline towards your coach made you an exemplary athlete. Your sporting achievements gave us a lot of joy, and your parents and all your family made them proud to see the person who formed the Taekwondo, it hurts to fight your departure,” said the State Taekwondo Association of the State of Mexico.

Read more: Vaccinated “fake” grandparents, FIFA video game runner-up and EA SportsFamilaires advisor accuse the authorities of taking too long to analyze the videos taken by cameras in the area near the student’s disappearance, as well as interviewing the witnesses who last saw him. The young sportsman’s farewell will be this Thursday in Santa Clara de Juárez in Morelos, Edomex.

Original source in Spanish

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