translated from Spanish: CDMX. Falls incendiary, caused grassland accident

Mexico City.- A man, 39 years old, he was arrested by officials of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) as responsible for causing a fire in a grassland area located in the mayoralty Alvaro Obregón.The alleged arsonist was arrested moments after he had entered a dry grass space and threw a rag that caused the flames to begin on a site near Avenida Prolongación 5 de Mayo in the Arturo López colony.
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The uniforms s requested the support of heroic fire brigade personnel, who arrived minutes later and quelled the fire, which left no people injured. Read more: AMLO sends condolences to uk for death of Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth IIDETENATION INCENDIARY
The accident was concoered by neighbor who alerted officers who were traveling in the territory, came for their arrest. In a review, he was seeded with a backpack carrying a gas bottle, lighter, clothing and an electronic horn. Read more: Prince Felipe, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, dies at the age of 99, and was transferred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office on Environmental Crimes and Urban Protection (FEDAPUR) who will determine her legal status.

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Original source in Spanish

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