translated from Spanish: Paris after meeting with WHO director: “A divided house is not able to succeed”

Health Minister Enrique Paris, through a video-recorded public statement, referred to the meeting he held during this day with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.The words of the Secretary of State arrive on the day where more than 9,000 Covid-19 contagions were recorded, marking the highest figure since the beginning of the pandemic. “Today we met with the DIRECTOR of WHO who highlighted the huge outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, especially in Latin America and in the Southern Cone of our continent,” he said. “I myself have described as critical of the evolution of the pandemic in Chile, we need collaboration, magnanimity, we need all political, religious, different states, to collaborate in this fight against the pandemic.” In doing so, he added that “the most important thing is to continue to dialogue, to continue listening, to hear to understand the changes that are proposed, but also to know how to receive the contributions that we have been making.” Alluding to criticism, Paris stated that “risky communication has been carried out on a permanent basis. We’ve always said, don’t put your arms down.” He eventually closed by ensuring that “a divided house is not able to succeed; a close-knit house, is able to go out and fight against all adversity.”

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