translated from Spanish: Sofia Pachano introduced her boyfriend Santiago Ramundo to Argentine Cooks

Undoubtedly, 2020 was a great year for Sofia Pachano both at the work and personal level. On the one hand, the actress shone with her participation in MasterChef Celebrity where she was able to showcase her culinary skills and great talent for cooking. Then, late last year it became known that he is happily in a couple with the acotor Santiago Ramundo several months ago.

This year, Pachano began to be one of the cooks and conductors of the already classic gastronomic cycle of Public TV, Argentine Cooks. It was in last Tuesday’s broadcast that she “officially introduced” her boyfriend, who played it by cooking some homemade pizzas in the air.

Among several jokes and praise for each other they released an ad: “We are convivial,” they said as they kissed and clarified that they are close contact for sharing the same house.

A few seconds earlier, Anibal Pachano’s daughter introduced her partner: “Today is a special day because we are welcoming an international gallant,” she said. Listening to her, the actor told her it wasn’t that bad, but she justified herself: “And yes, my love, gallant in Argentina you went many years ago, you left five years ago to be a gallant there,” referring to the artist’s proliferating career in Mexico, where it was part of several television hits.
“We are with the gentleman, who is also my boyfriend, Santiago Ramundo,” concluded the presentation after which they kissed clarifying that they live together and there are no dangers of coronavirus contagion. While teaching the recipe for making homemade pizzas, the actor was loose, funny and very friendly in front of the cameras. When Juan Braceli, the show’s host, asked the boy if he had already met his father-in-law, he replied, “There was already a presentation with Hannibal, all right.”

Among other secrets he said that the key to making the “best pizza in the world” is to put chimicurri to the dough before the sauce, a fact he inherited from his family and shared for the whole country. 

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