translated from Spanish: Health authorities receive shipment with one million Sinovac vaccines

One million doses of Sinovac vaccines came to the country this Saturday, April 10, at Santiago Airport, from Beijing. The shipment received by the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, and the Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza.
It is the seventh shipment of vaccines from this laboratory, which will be distributed throughout the country, allowing to continue the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 prepared by the Government of Chile.
“We have come to receive this million vaccines to continue the COVID-19 campaign. In addition, 800,000 doses of ‘dead space’ syringes arrived on this same aircraft to extract more doses from Pfizer-BionTech vials,” Minister Paris said, reporting that during yesterday’s day, a shipment of 250 thousand units of the vaccine arrived, to which another shipment with the same amount will be added on Monday, April 12.
The authority added that the total number of vaccines received to date totals 14,858,101 doses. Of these, 1,886,625 correspond to the Pfizer-BioNTech laboratory and 12,971,476 to Sinovac.
For her part and in the same line, undersecretary of public health Paula Daza reiterated the call for people to get vaccinated according to the timetable provided by the Ministry of Health and further detailed the progress in the immunization campaign against COVID-19.
The undersecretary indicated that to date 7,354,826 people have been inoculated in the country, of whom 4,4643,082 correspond to people who completed their vaccination scheme. In addition, 2,942,898 adults over the age of 60 and older have been vaccinated.
“It’s important for everyone to be vaccinated because as we have a more vaccinated population, we’re going to be able to protect not only them, but also the rest of the people,” he emphasized.
According to the vaccination schedule established by the Ministry of Health during the next week, general population vaccination continues. On Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th, it will be the turn of the people of 49 years, while on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 corresponds to people of 48 years. Friday the 16th will be for stragglers 48 years of age or older.
In addition, inoculation of the second dose to those who were vaccinated with the first dose between 15 and 21 March continues.

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