translated from Spanish: His medical brother died and made a strong disclaimer: “This was the last photo”

Latin America is living a second fierce wave of coronavirus. Numbers are growing and the number of patients increases, even further after the end of the recent weekend, when many people decided to travel.

“I hope you took nice pictures on the beach and saved them. This was the last photo in life I saw of my medical brother who died from caring for like you, Honduran user Daniel Enoch Ulloa wrote on Twitter, mobilized by the passing of his brother.

Disclaimer of a user after the death of his medical brother | Twitter

Eight months ago, in early August 2020, physician Pablo Enrique Ulloa Cáceres died at the School Hospital (HE) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, after treating patients with Covid-19, which caused him to contract the virus. According to local media, he was originally from San Isidro, Santa Cruz de Yojoa and also served as director of the Peripheral Emergency Clinics (Cliper). And after The Long Weekend of Easter, his brother downloaded himself to the social network where he received messages that matched and disagreed with him. “I don’t understand this kind of publication. He died doing his job because that’s how he decided. It was his duty as a doctor and he wanted to comply,” one user replied.

One of the last postcards of the Brothers | Twitter

So far Honduras has recorded a number of deaths that increase in 4703, while contagions already total 193,000.

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