translated from Spanish: Indigenous Supreme Council blocks roads

Michoacán.- Indigenous communities carried out various roadblocks as part of their day of fighting for the 102 years of the Zapata’s murder.
By communiqué they established to the letter: K’eri Kunkorhekua Iretecheri, the Supreme Indigenous Council of Michoacán #CSIM, autonomous and independent council, consisting of civil, communal and traditional authorities from 60 native communities, we jointly declare the following:
Councils of Communal Government, Heads of Tenure, Ejidal and Communal Commissioners, Traditional Judges and Communal Rounds integrated to the Indigenous Supreme Council of Michoacán #CSIM in exercise to the right of protest and in a decision of general assembly of authorities, today we take 5 state roads in Michoacán, the above as part of the 102nd Luctuous Anniversary of Emiliano Zapata and as a sign of full support for the autonomy, self-determination and self-government processes of the P’urhépecha Communities.
Roads blocked by commoners p’urhépecha
1.- Cheran-Zamora road at the height of Huáncito.
2.- Pátzcuaro-Uruapan road at the height of San Juan Tumbio.
3.- Cheran-Paracho road at Aranza level.
4.- Morelia-Lazarus Cardenas highway at caltzontzin level
5.- Morelia-Zacapu highway, at the height of Santa Fe de la Laguna.
Historically we remember General Emiliano Zapata and the Zapatistas, who constituted a Communal Autonomy in the state of Morelos, formed an organization with deep social roots and independent of the State, they based their decisions around General Assemblies and where through their struggle they liquidated latifundios, nationalized sugar mills, returned to communities land stolen with impunity for centuries, restored the use of water, switched to local authorities, imposed forced loans on merchants and ranchers, and took into their hands production in the latifundios.

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