translated from Spanish: Paris and current pandemic scenario: “We had foreseen it and obviously we were preparing”

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, referred to the worst number of daily contagions since the start of the pandemic, with 9,171 cases reported in the last 24 hours, noting that “it is a situation of great concern to us.”
“We are experiencing a critical moment in the pandemic,” said Paris, who called for “preventing, avoiding entering the ICU, reducing mobility, respecting quarantine.”
“I call upon the unity of the nation, to be consistent with what so many of us preach. I call to take care of onese other way, because when you take care of your family,” he added.
On the new registration, Paris said that “this figure is worrying, but we are making every effort to prevent the virus from being spreading further and to give the necessary attention to any compatriot who needs it.”
“I want to convey that we have to be supportive, humble, work together, it’s a critical moment that I’m sure we’ll overcome if we stick together as brothers,” Paris said.
When he retired from the palace of La Moneda, the minister said that the scenario presented today by the country “we had foreseen it and obviously we were preparing in this time.” 
Paris also declined that it is not yet possible to ensure that the high numbers known today represent the peak of this new wave of contagion. “I hope so, but it’s daring to say it. One who observes, or wants to observe are trends, not a single figure from time to time.” 

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