translated from Spanish: CNDH seeks protection for family of activist killed in Guerrero

The CNDH requested the implementation of precautionary measures from the governor of Guerrero and the municipal president of San Miguel Totolapan for the family of Carlos Marqués Oyorzábal, environmental defender killed on April 4 in the town.
It also asked the State Attorney General’s Office to initiate the investigation into the murder of those who were also e-Commissioners, considering their advocacy work, and to investigate threats against their relatives. 
The requested measures are aimed at “the necessary actions and protocols to safeguard the physical and psychological integrity, personal security and life of the victim’s family,” the Commission added through a statement.
The positioning was born from a note published by La Jornada on April 6, in which it was ensured that the relatives of Marqués Oyorzábal were denouncing torture and threats by their killers.
According to the journalistic medium, the Commissioner’s sister asked the authorities for help through videos posted on social media.
“First they started with my brother, now they say they’re going to take us down, the whole family, the kids, they’re going to burn us. We want (the authorities) to move fast, because this is urgent,” the CNDH said.
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The Commission stated that the precautionary measures had already been notified to the competent authorities and that it is awaiting their response.
“If accepted,” he said, “implementation and compliance will be monitored, ensuring that human rights are respected.”
Carlos Marqués Oyorzábal was environmental defender and municipal commissioner of the town Las Conchitas, in the municipality of San Miguel Totolapan, Guerrero.
In addition, according to the means cited by the CDNH, it was part of the community police “Pueblos Unidos”, which has opposed the looting of forest resources in the area by armed groups. 
On April 4, he was killed after being kidnapped and his body was dismembered.
In a statement, the Undersecretariat for Human Rights, Population and Migration of the Ministry of the Government (Segob) reported that through the staff of the Human Rights Unit (UDDH), and the Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, it had offered protection to the activist’s family.
The unit claimed that Marqués Oyorzábal had been killed by an organized crime group on 4 April. Four days later, staff of the mechanism met with his wife to offer him security services, but they were rejected.
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“Appropriate security services were provided, in particular the adoption of an urgent protection measure, which consists of the extraction of it and its 6 children from the community in which they live. The family did not accept the measure because they perform the corresponding exequies, as well as arguing not wanting to leave their community.”
In response, the Segob reported that it would implement a series of actions in view of serving defenders of land and territory in the community, in order to discourage the causes that detonate aggressions towards that group.
Similarly, he stated that tours had been made in the area to gather testimonies from villagers who denounced the existence of “a context of violence arising from illegal logging in the region”.
With these signs, the staff of the Mechanism were able to see the routes and patrols carried out by elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) in the area, the unit ended.
With quoted information from La Jornada.
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