translated from Spanish: Coronavirus in Argentina: confirmed 15,262 cases and 132 deaths

A total of 132 deaths and 15,262 cases of coronavirus were recorded in the last 24 hours in Argentina, totaling 57,779 deaths officially registered nationally and 2,532,562 from the start of the pandemic. According to the Ministry of Health, 3,789 are interned in intensive care units, with an adult bed occupancy rate of 58.7% in the country and 66.7% in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.68.05% (10,387 people) of the infected of the day correspond to the City and the province of Buenos Aires, reinforcing the AMBA trend in the rising cases. 

The total number of infected in the country is 2,532,562 

For its part, of the 2,532,562 infected, 88.17% (2,233,140) have already been discharged and 241,643 are active confirmed cases. The report stated that 85 men and 42 women died, while 4 people from the province of Buenos Aires and 1 from Tucumán were registered without sex data. The part details that 64 men died in the province of Buenos Aires; 5 in the City of Buenos Aires; 3 in Chaco; 1 in Currents; 1 in Entre Ríos; 1 in Jujuy; 4 in Mendoza; 1 in Santa Cruz; 1 in Santa Fe; 1 In Santiago del Estero; 1 in Land of Fire; and 2 in Tucumán.31 women also died in Buenos Aires; 3 in Buenos Aires; 5 in Mendoza; 1 in Land of Fire; and 2 in Tucumán.

In the last 24 hours, a total of 63,270 tests were carried out

On the day, 7,696 cases were recorded in the province of Buenos Aires; Buenos Aires, 2,691; in Catamarca, 101; in Chaco, 136; in Chubut, 49; Currents, 219; Cordoba, 1,095; Entre Ríos, 208; in Formosa, 6; in Jujuy, 57; in La Pampa, 123; in La Rioja, 128; Mendoza, 451; Missions, 138; in Neuquén, 63; Rio Negro, 76; in Salta, 56; in San Juan, 47; St. Louis, 364; in Santa Cruz, 121; in Santa Fe, 868; in Santiago del Estero, 190; Land of Fire, 75; and in Tucumán 304.The Ministry further indicated that 63,270 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours and from the beginning of the outbreak amount to 9,590,737 diagnostic tests for this disease.
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