translated from Spanish: Nicolas Trotta confirmed that “schools will not be closed”

The Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolás Trotta, stated a few moments ago that “if there has to be a decrease in in personhood in schools” by the second wave of coronavirus, “it will not imply the absolute suspension” of this modality, reiterating that “educational institutions will not be closed”. In dialogue with Télam, the official stated that “first, we must make it clear that we are facing a reduced presence” since “in no Argentine jurisdiction is there a full return” to schools that only admit, at most, “half of boys and girls simultaneously”. Under the second wave of coronavirus, with new restrictions on activities, “it is proposed to decrease circulation in general terms, which can impact the school, of course,” acknowledged the holder of the educational portfolio.

Trotta with the holder of Buenos Aires Education, Soledad Acuña

The health portfolio holder clarified that this scenario “should include other restrictions, linked to socialization” and argued that “manicured places need to be strengthened outside of school, not that (kids) can resume all extracurricular activities.” Schools are not going to be closed,” he said, while considering that “they can be affected in the minimum possible geographic unit” by traffic restrictions. Trotta’s statements coincided with the claims made this morning by the Deputy Minister of Bonaerense Health, Nicolás Kreplak, who warned of a possible increase in the “virtual burden on schools” and a reduction in in personhood if the pace of growth in contagions remained.” All education ministers hold this same view; if the other activities need to be restricted,” said Trotta, who recalled that “based on consensus built within the framework of the Federal Council of Education, the administration of in personhood rests with each provincial government.” The Word of Nicholas Kreplak 
In dialogue with Radio La Red, the Bonaerense official explained that, within the framework of a mixed system that alternates in person and virtuality, “one can, in case of greater viral circulation, increase the virtual load, reducing in personhood”. So far, and from the moment the uptick in the number of contagions began to be observed, both the national government and the City of Buenos Aires pointed to the need to ensure face-to-face in schools, after a year in which the boys did not attend the classrooms.
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