translated from Spanish: Oxygen desupply kills 13 patients with Covid-19 in Peru hospital

Essalud social security confirmed on Saturday the decessing of 13 patients for the covid-19 at the hospital in Talara, in the desert of northern Peru, which was desabased of oxygen on Friday. Essalud’s health network in Piura, Talara’s region, lamented the deaths of 12 patients at Talara Hospital II who arrived in a «critical» situation affected by covid-19, he said in a statement. The Piura network cares for 80% of patients in this region, located near the border with Ecuador, and in Talara 100% of affected patients, whether insured or not, the institution said. Talara Hospital, located in an oil area, has an isotanque of 10 tons to supply oxygen to all interns in that health center, and also has 95 oxygen balls backed up. However, Essalud explained that a few days ago the replacement of liquid oxygen was requested from the supplier, but the order was not met on the requested date. According to the supplier company Oxyman, the input arrives from the city of Lima and did not have the resource in the area. Essalud serves 80% beds in the region for patients with covid-19, but the issue of oxygen desupply is a regional problem, Social Security noted. He announced that another isotanque with the same capacity and an oxygen plant of 60 cubic meters will be installed this week to help meet the excessive demand in Piura.The mayor of Talara, José Vitonera, reported hours before the authorities of the hospital in that town had reported at least 15 deaths from the lack of oxygen and complained that the state-owned company PetroPerú had not complied with equipping a hospital for covid-19 patients in the area. For his part, the representative of the Ombudsman’s Office in Piura, César Orrego, reported that at least 13 people died on Friday at Talara hospital from lack of oxygen.» They have an isotanque but he ran out of oxygen. At nine o’clock in the morning (Friday) they made the change of the oxygenation system, in that meantime, between that they ran out of oxygen and the change of the system, people die,» Orrego told PTR News.» I have no history that in a hospital, in everything that goes from the pandemic, there has been such a serious situation,» Orrego said. After adding another 5,305 infected cases in the last 24 hours, the total number of cases in Peru reached 1,626,519, while the death row reached 54,285, after reporting 307 deaths until Friday.

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