translated from Spanish: Deputy José Miguel Castro (RN) asks to enable exclusive hours for older adults to buy in supermarkets and fairs

The deputy for the Antofagasta Region, José Miguel Castro (RN) requested the Ministries of Health, Social Development and Family in addition to the Ministry of Crime Prevention, which exempts older adults from requiring temporary permission, so that they can make their purchases in the supermarket or fairs without having to carry out formalities.
Through an office, the parliamentarian stated that «older adults do not always have the help to obtain a temporary permit telematically, technology or the means to access the Internet, as is the case in rural areas where there is no connectivity or directly the reality of many Chileans who do not have the economic means to pay for the Internet».
In the document, he noted that «in order not to suffer situations such as that reported by television channels and the media, in which an older lady was not allowed to enter the supermarket, she would like to request that an exclusive schedule for older adults be enabled»,
The document also states that, in its view, «older adults should be allowed to buy both in supermarkets and fairs without the need to exhibit or require permission in Carabineros of displacement or otherwise, who are directly exempted from requiring such permission at all times, as long as the measures taken by the Ministry of Health in the context of the Pandemic are in force».
Finally, deputy José Miguel Castro said that «older adults deserve all our respect, attention and care; it is quite logical that if we are protecting them from this pandemic because they are the most vulnerable group, we protect them in all situations that require safety and help, especially in terms of food, hygiene and basic needs.» The office was dispatched from the Chamber of Deputies dated April 12 of this year.

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